A picturesque trail leading to panoramic spots over two lakes Ohrid and Prespa with a rare opportunity to see some rich flora and fauna of two N.Parks: Galicica and Pelister. The visit of this trail will tell you its own story about this South – West region in our beautiful Macedonia. The hosts of our accommodation places (guest houses and mountain huts) are those who welcome you with open harts, ready to shear there own stories and live experiences with you. So, when you go home you tell this stories, you don’t listen from others.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONOhrid/Skopje/Tirana/Thessaloniki – Airports
DURATION8 days – 7 nights
TYPE OF WALKINGSelf guided or guided Trekking (hut to hut)
WEAR/LUGGAGEComfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket, small back pack and sunscreen for every day walks. Pack your belongings in one piece up to 15 kg in soft bag only
GPS with all tours, per day,  maps & SIM cardAccommodation 2 x Hotel(s) and 5 x guest house(s)
Meals: all breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners Transfers as foreseen by the itinerary including airport pick-up
luggage transport: one piece up to 15 kg in soft bags onlyentrance fees, trekking and border crossing permits (on guided tours only)
meals not listed in itinerary as well as drinks other than table water
personal expenses such as gratuities and souvenirs
flights: all our tours are ground-service only
overseas health insurance* is compulsory to offer best possible care

Best time/period: late May to early October

NOTE: Our staff reserves the right to modify the tour depending of the weather conditions and costumer physical fitness.

Should you have any further requirements or desires, please do not hesitate your self to contact us!  


Arrival in Skopje or Ohrid Airport

Welcome to the Macedonia – Balkans! You’re met by a driver/guide at Ohrid or Skopje
airport and then you have a transfer to Ohrid. Meet Our staff in the afternoon to
receive materials, like: maps, GPS & SIM card, get a walk-thru of the trip and all
your questions answered. Arriving early, go for a short walk near the oldest lake in Balkan and visit
Ohrid -UNESCO city to learn about its legend and enjoy the fabulous views of the Galicica N.Park.
Immerse in the buzz of the bazaar in the town’s past or enjoy a coffee with the locals. In the evening
bars bust with locals flocking for the evening stroll into the pedestrian zone. Lined with bourgeoisie
townhouses, a reminder of the city’s rich past. When daylight fades you can choose between
restaurants that offer carefully crafted traditional meals or Turkish kitchen in the old bazaar. We
wish you a good night after an interesting first day in Macedonia. Tomorrow you start early walking
in N.Park Galicica! (departure 7:00 AM)


Ohrid city tour-Velestovo-NP Galicica

An early start will allow us quiet panoramic sightseeing of Ohrid with a local guide (2h). The
perfect combination of prehistory, time of ancient Macedonia, Roman period, best period of the
Byzantine Empire, live 500 years under the Ottoman Empire and the period before, during and after
the two world wars are a great opportunity to find out a bit more about history, how people lived
and developed these cities on the Balkan Peninsula in all this different period. Follow transfer to the
starting point in the village of Velestovo (1070 m) and from there we move through the territory of
N. Park Galicica. This trail abounds with great panoramic views, forgotten villages and a backdrop of rich flora and fauna in springtime and early summer. In the evening you enjoy hearty homemade
food, ambiance and a well-earned rest after this first day spent in Macedonia -Ohrid on the territory
of NP.


NP Galicica-Magaro Peak

This hiking will take you through the wooded area which further cools you down and makes
climbing even more enjoyable, enjoying the beautiful view over Lake Ohrid, the Wet Mountain in
neighboring Albania and part of the Macedonian coastline. Climbing to the top, the forest belt stays
behind you and we will slowly approach the windward ridge from where additional panoramas open
over the karst fields, Lake Prespa with Albanian, Greek and Macedonian sections and views over
N.Park Pelister. It is part of the trail where your true enjoyment begins and will continue to the top
of Lacosignoj 1998 m. from where you begin the descent to the facility located at the foot of
Magaroo peak 2255. This night will be spent in a great mountain setting, complemented by a rich
table that will supplement the calories we burned during our walk.


Magaro Peak-Dihovo Village (NP Pelister)

This new morning will begin with breakfast on fresh air at an altitude of 1550m high,
pleasant mountain wind and excellent temperatures. Today we will climb to Magaro peak, the
highest peak in N. Park Galicica. Climbing to the top will take 2 to 3 hours with photography breaks,
cooling off and a brief historical introduction included. The trail leading to the summit passes to the
immediate vicinity of the trenches and remains of World War I, and on the territory of N. Park
Galicica passed the well-known eastern front. At the top, we will enjoy the beautiful view that opens
to neighboring Albania, Prespa and Ohrid lakes, Karaorman, Pelister, and part of the Ilinska and
Plachenska mountains. The weather at the top can be used for enjoyment, otherwise, we will
continue with 1h descent to the mountain lodge where we started our day. From here by car and a
short transfer we will need 1 hour of transfer will we arrive in the village of Dihovo at the foot of N.
Park Pelister, where we will spend another night with great hosts and a friendly atmosphere.


NP Pelister hike

Today will start on the territory that is part of N. Park Pelister. This park is famous for its
endemic coniferous wood – Molika, stone rivers, glacial lakes, among the people known as Pelister’s
eyes, history and rich flora and fauna. Our goal for today is the Pelister Eyes, the lakes that were
created by the melting ice in the Ice Age, and they are still here today thanks to the abundant snow
and rain. From here we will head to the locality called Gjorgov Kamen where wonderful panoramas
open to the Pelagonia valley and the city of Bitola, during the Ottoman period known as the
Monastery. The end of the trail passes through the endemic forest leading to our base, village of



A new day, a new morning and our new adventure is in front of us. We need a 30-minute
transfer to the starting point in the village of Malovishte. The village of Malovishte is a Vlach village
built by the Vlachs who fled from Albania to Macedonia at the time of the 19th century when a large
number of Kachach gangs attacked and plundered their then-largest city, Moskopoja, and thus
settled in Macedonia building their new homes. The architecture of this village is typical of the Vlach community and it is good that this village still lives today. From here you climb to the top of Kota,
where beautiful panoramas of Lake Prespa open. Downhill follows the monastery complex in the
village of Slivnica, from where we will drive to the village of Ljubojno, a village that radiates with love
and hospitality. The hosts will make sure that we have a great experience in the beautiful setting of
their family-run local restaurant.


Ljubojno-Kuratica-Plakjenska Mountain

This day will be spent in a relaxed and not overcrowded program. This morning we have a 1-
hour transfer to the village of Kuratica where we will first take a short tour of the village with a local
guide, then follow the hiking on the slopes of Plakjenska Mountain in a deep beech forest that will
protect us from rain or heavy summer heat. Once our activity for today is over, a new animation
follows and in the home of our local host you will have the unique opportunity to be your own chef.
This day you will be helping and directly involved in preparing your lunch and dinner. That way you
will bring some of the local cuisine and recipes with you. This evening you will enjoy partying with
your hosts, tasting home-made wine and brandy.


Transfer to Skopje or Ohrid Airport

A day in which you have complete freedom to do whatever you want before transferring to the
airport and the meeting will be arranged in advance at the exact time and place

Hiking in Galicica

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